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This is a place where I put down my opinions, musings, guides and code. I study Physics at IISER Mohali and am interested in QCQI. I'm also an avid coder in Julia and Python, and I know C++ and a bit of Java. I also have a main website-cv thing which may interest you.

Well, hope you enjoy reading my blog, whether you agree with me or not! Please do reach out via the links on the left!

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My blog on Gemini on 2021-09-06

My blog on Gemini

My previous post was a brief intro and what I feel about the Gemini protocol. All said and done, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to "expand" my blog to the Gemini space too. This blog is about what I had to do to get my blog to the Gemini space. The blog is at gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~dhruva

Tl;dr — LOL no, read the whole thing.

Server and Hosting

The first thing I needed was a server to host my Gemini capsule. For my HTTP site, I use GitHub pages, which is super easy to set up because I don't need to manage my own server. But is there something similar for Gemini?

Turns out, it's even better. Tildeverse is a universe of Tilde server instances. What's a tilde server? It's a public server which you can request for an account on, and you can just... use it. So I signed up for an account on the ctrl-c club tilde instance. In about a day I received my ssh details, and I was up and running in about 15 mins.

Using Franklin

My thoughts on Gemini on 2021-08-29

My thoughts on Gemini

As I scrolled through my posts on Mastodon, I came across scientiac's Gemini site and was intrigued by the concept of Gemini.

A Bloated Web

Today's day websites are filled with lovely designs and transitions and animations and... ads. While there is a certain beauty in these websites, they tend to distract users from real content. See any news site for example, it is nearly impossible to visit these sites without having an AdBlock installed.

Some of these UI "enhancements" may be well-intentioned and may even improve User Experience, but they often come at a cost to accessibility. As web layouts get more complex, and with barely any standardization, those who use assistive devices such as screen readers find it harder to navigate websites.

Technically too, this has certain costs. Websites are styled with (S)CSS and JavaScript, which add a ton of functionality to the websites. So much so that a web browser can even be entire OS, like the chrome OS. But this extra content, which is "hidden" from a user needs to be downloaded from some server, which slows down load times and pushes up data usage.

From a security standpoint too, arbitrary JS, especially "closed source" JS can pose threats. In order to mitigate these threats, additional features like sandboxing need to be implemented which further increases the weight of the browser.

Closer to Truth on 2021-08-20

Closer to Truth

I was going to the mall when I saw three people sitting on the bench. As I approached them they started running away. I was surprised by this. Pleasantly surprised. It was rare that people ran from me, they generally fainted. I don't really blame them. How often do you see Death anyway?

Non-believers were generally the ones that reacted worse than the believers. I suppose that the believers already plan for this moment. I've really wondered though, is it that they are closer to the truth because they believe in Me or are they further away because they do so without any real evidence. I never leave evidence.

My Calendar Setup on 2021-08-20

My calendar setup

The Problem

I love TUIs. Being able to use just keys to do a lot of things without touching your mouse is pretty awesome. But I can't constantly be on my laptop. I mean sure, with the pandemic, that's all I've done, but if when it gets over, I'll be on the move. I can't turn on my laptop for every damn thing. I need to have the things I am working with on my phone too, especially things like the calendar. Now you get to read about the things I've tried to set up a TUI calendar which also syncs to my phone.

On my laptop

Conclusion: Calcurse. Beautiful.